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Creative Cash

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Can you believe it is May already? Where is this year going?! 

At the start of the year, I decided to look at different ways to grow my small business. I absolutely LOVE making my products and this will be my main focus, however, I only have one pair of hands and so many hours in the day to work. 

By chance, one of my local business friends, Jo-Elle, was in the process of writing an e-book about making more money from a craft business… perfect! It was like she was reading my mind. I was lucky enough to become one of the Beta readers for it and well, it has certainly opened my mind and got me thinking outside the wooden box. 

The e-book was released in March and I believe that anyone in the arts and crafts business should grab a copy. It is written in a very down to earth style, with personal experiences and theory based examples about how to explore and implement additional income streams. The e-book is priced at just £8.99, making it accessible to every creator out there. 

For more details and to order your downloadable copy, follow the link below.

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